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Property law, property theory, human rights, land law reform, apologies laws, and legal issues involving art and antiquities


An Alternative Framework For interpreting Article 1 Protocol No. 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights


Key publications: 

D. Maxwell, 'Reeling in Article 1 of the First Protocol: R. (Mott) v Environment Agency [2018] UKSC 10' (2018) 6 Journal of Planning and Environmental Law (forthcoming)

D. Maxwell, 'Enforceable Rights or Progressive Policy Goals?' (2018) 63(3) Journal of the Law Society of Scotland 18-21

D. Maxwell, 'Article 1 of the First Protocol and a Tenants Right to Compensation' (2017) 81 Conveyancer & Property Lawyer 475-487

D. Maxwell, 'Article 1 of the First Protocol: A Paper Tiger in the Face of Compulsory Purchase Orders for Private Profit' (2017) 12 Journal of Planning and Environmental Law 1337-1357

D. Maxwell, 'Disputed Property Rights' (2017) 4 European Current Law 347-368.

D. Maxwell, 'Disputed Property Rights' (2016) 41 European Law Review 900-925

D. Maxwell, 'Iraq: A Basis in Law?' (2016) Journal of the Law Society of Scotland 12-15

D. Maxwell, 'The Apologies (Scotland) Act 2016' (2016) 61(8) Journal of Personal Injury Law 79-94

D. Maxwell, 'A British Bill of Rights' (2016) Journal of the Law Society of Scotland [Online]

D. Maxwell, 'Land Reform and Human Rights' (2016) 61(1)Journal of the Law Society of Scotland 22-24

D. Maxwell, 'Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word' (2014) Journal of the Law Society of Scotland [Online]

Book Reviews

D. Maxwell and A. Stevenson, 'K. Reid and G. Gretton, Land Registration (Edinburgh: Avizandum Publishing, 2017)' (2017) 81 Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 319-321


Dr Douglas  Maxwell
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